Tuesday, April 22, 2008

earth day

Today I decorated a tin to package some chocolate felt magnets I made. As it is Earth Day today I only used recycled materials (except for ink and glue) or scraps. The paper came from scraps I had left from the Polka Dot Blossom Card, ribbon I saved from a gift I received, and the tin was an empty one I saved that previously held chocolate truffles. I really enjoyed putting it together. I hope I have enough ribbon to make another in this pattern! :)

I try and use every little scrap and recycle or reuse as much as possible. It amazes me to see how much waste there is around us... if I can do a little bit every day, even when it is as little as bringing my own bags to the grocery store, I feel like it will help. I am happy to see more people beginning to value the world and community around them. One example of this is that my daughter's school is having a fundraising that is done through "greenraising." All the products in the little catalog have been recycled, are fair trade, or Eco friendly. It's nice to see the effort become more mainstream.

We all definitely need to work together to keep our earth happy...

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