Wednesday, April 30, 2008

sneak peek

My purse is ALMOST finished! I have a few more inches of hand sewing the binding. I was so excited about the progress I had to take some photos to post as a "sneak peek!" I love items that are convertible or "2 in 1." This purse has a couple of two in one features...

1. Handle can be long (top left photo) or can be a double short handle (bottom right photo). These two images are showing the back of the purse... (looks good enough to be the front!) :)

2. Purse "jewelry". Feel all summery and flowery? Attach the daisy... or in a simple bow mood? Attach the ribbon! Don't want anything? Then use the back as the front! :)

This bag is nice and roomy. It can hold almost anything you can imagine! Laptop, water bottles, beach stuff, purse stuff, yarn, etc. This bag is so sturdy and well made it will stand up on it's own! I have lined it with a COUPLE layers of fleece as well as buckram (a nice sturdy canvas type material). The handle is even lined with fleece! Material is a nice heavy weight cotton. I have spent lots of time on this bag and I hope it shows! :) It has a beautiful coordinating fabric lining with 3 pockets. I plan on spraying the bag with scotch guard once it's done for a little extra protection. This purse is dry clean only.

I plan on making this bag in two sizes... the one shown as well as a smaller version. I have had sooo much fun working on this and I am thrilled with how it's turning out!

Last night I mentioned that I was making some cards to give to the neighbor with the beautiful flowers. I finished a set for her this morning and I packaged them up for her. It made me feel really good to be putting together a gift that would be such a thoughtful surprise to the recipient. I was doing something nice for someone without being expected to or asked. (Not that I don't ever try to be nice to people... this was just different. It may be because I knew how much she loves her gardens and now she would have little memories of this season even after the last petal fell.)

As I was getting ready to go to the grocery store I saw Eva getting ready to leave. I caught her attention and asked if she could wait a moment. I ran in and grabbed her little package. You should have seen the surprise and delight on her face when she realized what I was giving her. It really made my day!

The photos were really beautiful... I may have to add a set to my etsy shop in the future.

OK... I better finish up that purse...

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