Tuesday, April 1, 2008

trial and error

I've been messing around with my sewing machine a little today. I have wanted to make some cute reversible headbands for a few weeks and I drew out a couple basic patterns so it was time to actually see how they worked... I love the fabric combination, but I need to adjust the width... I think it's a little too wide. Tomorrow I'm going to try and make one that is adjustable with the new width. My model (sounds better than guinea pig) Cami, looked very cute in the two prototypes I made today... I can't wait to see what the changes do to the new one I plan on making tomorrow. Tomorrow I hope to cut the fabric for another project also. While I'm sewing I'll work on a few more felt flowers... it's going to be time to work on another little spring painting! :)

It seems like I just listed a LOT of things I plan to do tomorrow... I have to remember Cami has a short day at school on Wednesdays... I guess I have Thursday planned out too! :)

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