Saturday, May 3, 2008

p e a c e

Friday was a BIG day! (I know it's Saturday... I didn't have time to write about this yesterday... it was THAT busy!!)

The big event was that Leila had a big project for her Peace Communication class at UCSB. She decided to do it by teaching Cami's 5th grade class! She prepared about an hour's presentation. She began by talking to the kids about their perception of peace and what that meant and how it felt to them. She progressed through discussions of inner peace, using peace to solve conflict, peace in the classroom/family, and how to spread peace in the community. She did a TERRIFIC job! I am so very proud of her!!! :) The photo at the right shows Leila and Cami at the end of the presentation. (Additional photos here.) Leila is wearing a shirt she painted and altered. It was super cute and creative! Leila wanted to do an art project in conjunction with this project so Cami invited three friends over to the house after school. Leila continued her lesson with the girls and they had a wonderful time drawing images/thoughts that they associated with peace. The girls had such a great time and I think all the students really learned a lot and broadened their view of what "peace" really means.

Cami made two more peace shirts today. I was amazed at one she made based on her memory of the one Leila made... I have two extremely talented daughters! I am so happy to see them be creative and think outside the box! They cut the t-shirts (collars, sleeves, and shape cut-outs) and just made them into the cutest little boutique fashion shirts. WOW! I guess I feel proud that somehow I've encouraged them and allowed them the freedom to express themselves in ways that aren't always obvious.

All I can say is that I am in awe and so proud of my daughters... (sniff, sniff)

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