Wednesday, May 14, 2008

happy birthday honey...

Happy Birthday Normie! Today is my husband's birthday... Here he is with Cami. They're playing his new Mario Kart Wii game. It was so much fun! (Game was Cami's idea.) Leila added to his DVD collection with all three Bourne movies. He was very excited about this gift as well! He loves peanut butter and chocolate so for the "cake" I made peanut butter and fudge brownies... Boy, were they rich! I will definitely have to walk MANY hills to burn that off! :) Honey... you deserve the best... I hope all your wishes come true!

Cami had her school play performance today as well. She did an amazing job! The whole class really worked hard and it showed. I'm so glad that Norm and I were able to go and enjoy this together. We were so proud of all the hard work and practice she's put into getting ready for this day.

I packaged up the Paisley Skulls Blossom Card today... It's going to Yonkers, NY! I love mailing packages all over and I always anxiously await feedback! I LOVE reading that stuff! :) I am looking forward to working on the sushi tomorrow. I plan on getting started first thing in the morning as Cami has a minimum day (12:15 dismissal). I haven't played with my sewing machine for a couple of weeks... it's going to be nice to hear that motor hummmmmm....


  1. Hi Holly - so great to see a pic of the bday boy enjoying his new game (might have to get that for Father's day for Rob...shhh...don't tell him!). Was it really that heavy to unload? It was great to catch up with you yesterday too! I felt a little craft lift after I chatted with you so I was able to finish my 3d strawberries. Ended up using the yellow prisma color pencil you all gave me 7 years ago (yes, I remember because Grant was just a bitty baby back then) for the "seeds" and it looked passable. I'm giving 2 of the strawberries away for an order I finally completed last night. Ok, back to Beck! Enjoy your day today!

  2. What a great idea for Father's Day! The home theater system was VERY heavy! The box contained the receiver and 7(!) speakers! I'm so glad you finished the strawberries! Can't wait to see them... I can't believe that it was SEVEN years ago... and now Grant's practically ready for college! :) I had such a nice time "catching up" with you... we need to talk more often!

    Alright... back to my sushi... I have one more hour before I pick up Cami!


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