Thursday, May 1, 2008

good deed = ORDER

I found a note on my door this afternoon from Eva (my neighbor across the street)... She invited me to go into her backyard and take photos. She asked that I call her when I was finished. I was excited to have the opportunity to check out her backyard as I hadn't seen it before. The roses were amazing! I took many photos although the wind was blowing slightly and some of the shots I wanted to take just wouldn't cooperate. I was a little upset, because I felt like this was my only opportunity... I didn't want to be staking out her backyard every day! She might get tired of me and call the police! :) (She's a very private person, we've lived here for 5 years and have just exchanged cursory greetings in the past when getting the mail, etc.)

I gave Eva a call this evening after Cami and I returned from Cami's volleyball league. (I'm one of the coaches.) She asked if I would put together 10 sets (4 cards each) for her! 40 cards!!! :) I guess she really liked the set of cards I made for her as a gift for her to enjoy her roses a little longer! My good deed really paid off! I'm excited to get back into her yard tomorrow and take a few more shots, hopefully with no breeze! I'll print out my favorites for her to select from and then order the prints I need. This will be a fun order! (I just wish I could list it on etsy... I love seeing those "sales" numbers go up, alas, she does not have a computer (I know, shocking!)...) She's planning on giving the sets to her friends as gifts... It just makes me smile...

Tomorrow is a big day... Leila is doing a presentation in Cami's class for her Peace Communication class. She'll then do an additional art project with 3 of Cami's friends after school. She'll use the information she gets to prepare her class project. I'm excited to watch her in action!

Also... Norm's returning home from his Seattle business trip... It will be nice to have everyone home!

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