Wednesday, May 21, 2008

volleyball & thanks

OK.. OK.. OK... so I have a few matters of business to "blog" first... I just got home from the Wednesday night volleyball league and I did tell my team that I would mention here some of the OUTSTANDING plays of the night. I know they won't be able to rest until they see this... :)

1. Art served an "ace" on a jump serve! (Go Art! ... I won't mention the "cheese" that occured in the second game... oops! too late!)
2. Julie had some terrific sets on difficult passes! (Go Julie!)
3. Brent K. really helped out with some great passing and setting. (Go Brent!)
4. Brent M. substituted on our team tonight and really helped us out with some consistent play! (Go Brent!)
5. Brian had some really smart shots and great hits! (Go Brian!)

Now from all of this rah-rah you'd think we won all three games... alas, we won ONE. It's OK... It's our second week playing together as a team, we'll get it, we'll pull it together... right?!

Oh... I also promised that I would mention Jared's AMAZING jump serves in the second match, first game. (He's on a different team... but was one of our tournament players... he's part of "the crew"... I have to mention him... or he'd probably be very sad and pout and it just wouldn't be very pretty!)

While still on the volleyball topic... I posted a link to some photos of the tournament we played in Vegas in April. The link didn't work. I have fixed it, however, here's the link again to the AMAZING PHOTOS Tram took at the tournament.

Hopefully I've remembered everyone I was suppose to mention for the evening... :)

Thanks to everyone who has opened an RME account using my referral button! You're the best! It will be interesting to see if it gets as big as Paypal has. I remember getting all my family and friends to sign up for it when it first started too.

Today my California Roll sold along with a set of Chocolate Truffle Cards and Collage Tag Set. UniquelyPampered has been keeping me busy... I really appreciate her confidence in my art AND all her purchases. Thanks! (You should check out her shop for wonderful items to pamper yourself with!) I'll be busy tomorrow getting the package ready to ship out... YEAH!

I think I'm ready to list "the purse"... My list of excuses really haven't been very good... it's time to take the plunge and just see how it goes!

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