Thursday, May 29, 2008

so much better

My stomach was much better today. No nausea... YEAH! Since I was feeling so much better today I didn't call the doctor to be put on a waiting list. I can always call if things change. It felt great to get some things done today that have been put on the back burner the last few days. I ran to the grocery store, did some organizing, got the MINI washed, changed the linens in the guest room (my sister, her daughter, Kavyn, and Kavyn's friend arrive tomorrow), took photos of the new Blossom Clippy and LISTED it, took Cami to volleyball practice, cleaned the bathrooms, dusted, finished reading the book I have to discuss in Cami's class tomorrow, AND now I'm blogging all the exciting details! (Hope I didn't put anyone to sleep...)

I am very excited about how these little Blossom Clippys are turning out. I love how the flower is NOT flat. I actually shaped it like a little flower with the "petals" rising up from the center of the bloom. I tried to show this shaping in this photo... it doesn't quite do it justice. I cut out lots of various sizes and colors, they are sitting in a pile waiting for me to begin transforming them. I'll add another color combination soon. (Project list for next week!)

Let's see... as I wasn't feeling well yesterday I didn't give the Wednesday volleyball update. I'm sure I have some "players" anxiously awaiting to see their name in this recap, so here goes!

Our team won 2 out of 3 last night! Hooray! We played a VERY good team and I have to give a shout out to JARED who is an AMAZING player (so fun to watch) and is definitely the catalyst on that team to keep them excited and fired up! What a great team player!

Our team recap:
1. ART - MVP for the night! Great serves, hits, digs (DEFENSE!), etc., etc. :)
2. DALE - So glad he's back! (He's been fighting a sore knee.) It made such a difference to have his great defense and smart play. He's not allowed to miss any more games!
3. JULIE - My gosh... she had some UNBELIEVABLE hustle to get some difficult balls... to top it off she was doing all this WITH an injury! (Dale... not everyone rests when they're hurt... I'm just sayin' :) ....) Julie also gets the "team spirit" award for the night. She's so great at keeping all of us on track and focused. That's a pretty difficult job! :)
4. BRENT - Very solid passing, serving, and setting!
5. BRIAN - Hit some great 2's! Super nice passing and defense too!
6. TOM - SUPER substitute for the night! Great all around play! (Garrett, where were you?)

No wonder we won two out of three last night! All three games were very competitive and it was a very satisfying match. Great job team! :)

Time for me to shut down... my visitors should arrive before lunch and we have a full day planned!

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