Thursday, May 15, 2008

a NEW...

Here's proof... I worked on my sushi pincushion today! YEAH! It felt good to sew all the "rice!" My sewing machine was pretty happy to see some action once again. I really want to finish it tomorrow because I can HARDLY wait to take photos... why? NORMIE BOUGHT ME A NEW CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh! I can hardly believe it! He got me a nice Canon Rebel XSi Digital SLR... I feel so super spoiled. The pressure is on... now I really have to take nice pictures! :) (This photo was with my old camera this morning...) The camera was a gift for our anniversary (on Sunday), I was lucky to get it a few days early. ("So you can play with it all weekend!" he said.) Did I tell you how lucky I am? WOW! It was the most super, thoughtful thing ever... thanks! :)

I've spent the last couple of hours reading the manual (yes... I am one of THOSE people) while I waited for the battery to charge. Once it was finally charged I tortured Walter a little bit by taking photos of him while he tried to nap. I'm so excited I just want to stay up all night and mess around with it, but I know that's not a good idea... that 5:15 alarm rings pretty loudly.

I'm off to dream of my husband (he had to be first, considering...), a beautiful new camera, photo opportunities, art, projects, and just how fortunate I feel right this minute...

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