Friday, May 9, 2008

plastic surgery results

Look at that....

My baby's back home! All spic and span and good as new after the plastic surgery. Ohhhh.... it's so good to see it sitting in the driveway once again. I can hardly wait to drive it to volleyball Sunday morning. All my volleyball friends have been missing it as well! :) I was definitely a little nervous as I drove it home... I don't want ANYONE else to run into my little MINI! (Check out my April OUCH! post to read what happened...)

I completed the set of cards for Eva today! I put them on her doorstep and she called me about an hour later. It was sooo nice to hear how much she loved them! She was excited to give her friends sets as gifts. About ten minutes after I spoke with her my phone rang again... Eva wanted to order 48 (!) more cards for next month! YEAH! I'm so glad that she loves them! :)

Let's see, my last post I mentioned that the twins were in the hospital... well... they went home yesterday afternoon, but my mom called earlier today to say they were returning to the hospital. They still aren't able to keep anything in their little systems. Get well soon sweeties... Meanwhile, my dad is now starting to get better from the same illness and my mom came down with it today. Sounds like pretty rough stuff. Everybody batten down the hatches and GET BETTER!

Norm, Cami, and I went to see Iron Man. (We tried to take one of Cami's friends... I ended up having to run her home at the beginning of the movie because she suddenly felt sick. I missed about 20 minutes.) What a great, fun movie! We really had fun (except for being worried about the friend)! We don't go to movies often and when we do it feels like a very special treat.

OK... so I've completed a couple of items on my project list so far this week. (They were two BIG projects!) I don't often get a chance to work on projects on the weekend. I may have to forward those same two projects (sigh)...

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