Thursday, May 22, 2008

clippy & dance

Earlier this year I created a bunch of felt flowers and have been wanting to use a couple to embellish a clippy... today I finally did it!

It was a so fun to sew together. I am going to make a little bunch of them... they are so happy and summer like! (I plan on making a few to list in my shop!) I wish I had made these for Cami when she was little, she would have been soooo cute with the little clippy in her hair! :)

I guess I have to admit that this is where my ACADD (Arts & Crafts - Attention Deficit Disorder) came into play today. I had every intention of getting the purse ready to list but got distracted by the "bright lights" and had to make a clippy instead. (Oh... I did cut out some pieces for a new blossom card too! That IS on my project list for this week!) Stay tuned... maybe tomorrow will be the day I FINALLY list the purse!

Alright, so now I have to say that I am EXTREMELY happy about something... what could it be? OK, don't laugh... but I am absolutely ADDICTED to "So You Think You Can Dance!" It was the first night of auditions tonight. Cami and I had a BLAST watching it. It's especially cute this year since Cami is SO into her dance classes and has decided that one day she wants to try out! I wouldn't be surprised. Once she puts her mind to something she works at it until she masters it. What a nice way to spend the evening... laughing together and enjoying the talent of some amazing dancers. I can hardly wait for the next episode! :)

Leila called today for my Caramel French Toast Recipe... She and a group of her friends are planning a breakfast potluck tomorrow and then they are heading to Six Flags for the day. They'll have so much fun and I know that her breakfast dish will be a hit! That french toast is one of Leila's favorite things for me to fix for breakfast when she's home.

Thinking of going to Six Flags makes me think that summer is almost here... Every year Cami and I go during the summer with a couple of our longtime friends. It's a tradition we've been doing since the kids were in kindergarten! Every year they're ready for another roller coaster! I love that summer is just around the corner... we have some great things planned! :)

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