Saturday, May 17, 2008

H O T and delicious

It's been SUPER hot! The last few days have been hitting high 90's and up to 105!!! The worst part of it is our air conditioner is broken! It won't be replaced for a couple of weeks... (sip, sip -trying to stay hydrated!) I think this heat wave is supposed to subside in a day or two, thankfully... I feel like I've been sweating non-stop!

Our break from the heat was to take a drive over the "hill" to have dinner at a nice Italian restaurant in Malibu. The temperature was a lovely mid 70's and the best part was, as the sun started to go down I actually was able to put on a sweater! It was refreshing! :) We shared a couple of pizza's and a salad. It was so nice to eat out on the patio and not be panting from the heat! I really enjoyed the food... the pizza was DELICIOUS, as was the salad! This pizza (photo) was called "Three-Three-Three" because it had three types of cheese (fontina, mozzarella, feta), three fresh herbs (basil, oregano, thyme), and three toppings (mushrooms, olives, tomatoes). It was very fresh and light, especially with the salad. The perfect dinner after a very hot afternoon...

We then took the "long way around" and drove along PCH before heading back home. It was lovely to watch the sunset over the ocean. A beautiful ending to a very hot day!

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