Thursday, June 19, 2008

21 & graduation

Leila turned 21 yesterday! I'm so happy that she came home and shared this special occasion with us! We had such a great time!! Cami, Leila, and I caught up on episodes we were behind on for "So You Think You Can Dance." Leila opened her gifts AND we went out to a very lovely dinner at Mastro's Steakhouse. We had DELICIOUS Maine lobster and YUMMY rib eye steaks. (Oh... I think I'm still full!) It was one of those dinners where everything turned out perfectly: our location in the restaurant (nice corner), food, service, and best of all: company! We miss having Leila around all the time and so it's especially nice when we get the chance to all be together.

Cami had a special day as well on Leila's birthday.... It was the last day of school AND her graduation from elementary school. It's another one of those "where has the time gone" moments for me! How does this happen? Cami was awarded with the "President's Education Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence." We're so proud of all her hard work. Here she is with her wonderful teacher... Cami has absolutely LOVED being in her class. (One of the things I really liked about Cami being in her class is the emphasis she put on the kids to be good people and to treat each other with respect and kindness. Sometimes simple things like this are just plain overlooked. It's sad.) She is definitely going to miss her, but she's VERY excited about moving on to middle school.

I guess I have to end this post by saying how EXTREMELY proud I am of both my girls and the people that they are. They inspire me everyday.

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