Tuesday, June 17, 2008

bride, blossom, & friends

I'm having one of those days where I feel like I'm getting things done, but there are still SOOO many things to do! I am glad that I was able to get a couple of things done for my shop and now I have to concentrate on getting everything set for Leila's birthday and Cami's elementary school graduation. They are both tomorrow! It will definitely be a day to celebrate in our house!

One of the items I finished was the custom order Bride Card. I think that the red and white polka dot background look amazing with the white dress! I edged the card with the same ribbon that I used on the dress. The shine from the ribbon added a very nice touch. It's a terrific combination! I think "MommaB" is really going to like it! (I hope!) :)

Yesterday I posted the new Amy Butler Magnolia Blossom Card. Cami chose this paper because she wanted me to make one for her ballet teacher. Now I'll have two more cards available in this combination. I love that she still asks me to "make" presents for her teachers... She's my biggest fan! :) The chocolate brown, pinks, and cream look wonderful. These patterned papers make beautiful blossoms!

She also chose another Amy Butler paper pattern that she wanted me to make into a blossom card for her school teacher. Here's a preview of what it looks like... I'll list that blossom card tomorrow. I adore how bright and cheerful this card looks with it's stripes and rainbow of colors. The inside blossom paper looks like it's alive with wildflowers. I LOVE it! The red ribbon tied it all together with such pizazz!

Let's see... I also packaged up some Amish Friendship Bread Starters for Cami to give to 3 of her friends tomorrow. She thought it would be fun (as did I) for her friends to be able to bake with their families and pass the wonderful "friendship bread" to other friends all summer long. (Click here for a Starter Recipe... pass on the goodness! Send me a comment if you'd like a copy of my "pass it on" instructions that you give along with the starter.)

I better get back to making Leila's and Cami's cards... tomorrow is sure to be a very special day...


  1. Holly! Oh my goodness. I love your work, seriously. Would you hate it if I asked you to reserve the second Amy Butler card for me? (The one with the red ribbon.) It's perfect. I don't need it until July 3rd. As soon as I saw it I was hoping you were going to list it. I promise I'll let it sit on your site for a awhile before I snag it. Have I mentioned how incredibly talented you are?!


  2. Thanks so much Celina! I'd be happy to reserve it for you when I list it! :) I'm so glad you like it!!!

    Thanks, you made my day!


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