Tuesday, June 10, 2008

banner & avatar

Ahhhh... I felt MUCH better today. I still had some mild nausea, but nothing compared to the last couple of days! I started on the medication the doctor gave me to reduce the acid in my stomach so this may be what helped as well.

I've been working on Gigi's banner and avatar today. I've really enjoyed the challenge of coming up with a design that represents her shop. I'm looking forward to finishing it up in the next day or so once I make any adjustments or changes she'd like. It was fun to see the elements come together. I love how you start working on one part and soon you're working on the next section and then before long you realize you have a cohesive design! That's the best! That trial and error thing really works! :) I am definitely NOT an expert with photoshop yet... but I'm really enjoying learning a little more each time I work on a new project. It's a whole new art dimension for me! :)

Cami's last regular ballet class was today. The class was dress rehearsal for their BIG performance on Saturday. (Her other ballet class performance is on Sunday... busy ballet weekend!) I took some photos of her all dressed up in her costume. Doesn't she look so cute!?! I'll have to take pictures of her in her costume for the other performance. It's a totally different style. (She prefers this one because she thinks the other one is too "little girlish.") I also finalized her summer dance classes. She wanted to take 2 ballet classes and 1 jazz class... so she'll have 3 dance classes a week for a six week period during the summer. She sure does love her dance! Of course... we'll also make sure she has some good volleyball during the summer ! ;)

Leila is in the midst of finals this week. Poor thing... I sent her a goody box last week to help her through the all-nighter's. She'll come home Sunday for Father's Day and then head back after Cami's performance that night. She'll be back for her birthday next Wednesday.... SHE'S TURNING 21!!!! WOW! (my goodness... I guess this means I'm getting older.)

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