Thursday, June 12, 2008

ballet, tomato, chocolate!

Cami's BIG ballet recital is this weekend. Yesterday she had dress rehearsal at the civic arts plaza. She'll be performing on stage in front of 1,800 people! WOW! She is sooo excited! I'm upset because camera's aren't allowed, however, I was able to "sneak" in a couple of shots at the dress rehearsal yesterday! Look at her form! I am definitely the proud mama! :)

This morning I picked the first tomato from my garden. It had to have an official photo shoot... (I'll have one for the first yellow crookneck squash, cantaloupe, etc.) I felt such satisfaction holding that perfectly red, delicious and fresh smelling tomato in my hand. I'm planning on eating it up tomorrow. I haven't decided yet whether I'll eat it in a salad or just slice it and season it with a little salt... mmmm... yummy!

I listed "I ♥ Hugs" chocolate truffle pincushion today. I finally took the time to get the photos ready and list it. I now have a variety of the chocolate pincushions in my shop. I did start the embroidery for a new set of the chocolate candy magnets. Those sets have been sold out for a few weeks so it's time to add another set within the next couple of weeks.

I'm really glad I'm keeping track of things I need to do on my weekly "project list." I feel like I'm accomplishing something even when it is only a small thing. I may actually get through all the things on my MASTER list one day... (OK.. so I'm dreaming... I know I add more ideas for projects faster than I do them... That's what makes art so exciting!) :)

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