Friday, June 20, 2008

t h a n k s

I just wanted to shout out a very quick THANKS! Thanks especially to MommaB and dizzybroad for buying more of "my stuff" this week... I really appreciate your encouragement and super kind comments. You're the best... Thanks!


  1. Hey Holly! I thought you all left already for your beach getaway!! I hope you'll get a chance to relax and enjoy your time away from home. THanks for the great comments on my new stuff. I had so much fun making them but no sure if they're "sellable" :-)! We leave Tuesday at 6 am (meaning, wake up at 3 am then leave at 4pm!). We'll be back July 8. Will talk to you when we all get back from our respective vacations! Take care and hello to everyone!

  2. It's truly our pleasure. We get excited about giving your cards out. You're extremely talented and we're lucky to have your fantastic items available to us!

  3. ...blush... Thanks! :)

    AND thanks for keeping me in business! :)


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