Tuesday, June 3, 2008

don't stop til you get it right

I completed, photographed, re-worked, re-photographed, listed, AND SOLD my newest Blossom Card today! I'm preparing the sentiment for the new owner and then it will be off in the mail in the morning. I have one more Blossom Card in this color combination that I'll list tomorrow.

I am so pleased with how the colors and patterns complimented each other. I originally had a different color blossom center but I realized when I looked at the photos I had taken that it was WAY too busy... So I went back to the drawing board and selected the light green. It worked out perfectly! I retook the "open" photos of the card and listed it! I found it very interesting that I didn't see the "busy-ness" of the patterns until I was viewing the photos. I think I was so excited by all the bright colors and patterns of the Amy Butler papers (I really love her bold designs and colors), I was forcing myself to try and use only those papers. I am very happy I took the time to rework the card. It's now a combination that I feel really works! :)

The day flew by... I have 57 cards to put together tomorrow (my oompah loompah's refused to work today, something about unfair wages...).


  1. I love this paper!!!! Wow - already sold one? That's great! I have the same paper - saw the last one at Michael's and grabbed it. I have some new little paper purses cut from similar cardstock. We should coordinate and sell these as sets :-)!! Thanks for my comments on my I leave answers there for you or am I supposed to email you separately (not sure if people know to go back to my blog to read response).

    I better shower! Good luck on getting those 57 cards done!

  2. Hey Gigi!

    That paper will make darling little purses! :) That would be fun to coordinate a project together!

    You're welcome, I'm glad you finally started your blog! I think as far as comments it depends on the situation. Sometimes I comment back in the blog OR I email back. If I left a comment I'll check back for a response if I don't get an email! :)

    I'm back to working on the cards! Everything is cut and I'm about half way done with all the gluing!


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