Saturday, June 21, 2008

guitar hero ON TOUR

I LOVE video games! We had preordered TWO (One for me and one for Cami, because I DON'T want to share!) of the new Guitar Hero games for our Nintendo DS Lites... They arrived today!!! Oh my gosh, it's the coolest thing ever! I have a feeling I know what I'll be doing A LOT of during our vacation next week! I just finished working through the tutorial (that's the kind of person I am, PLUS I thought I might learn some tricks so that just maybe I'll be able to beat Cami once before she figures out all the little tricks! ...Hey... I can dream, can't I?!) The guitar duel features are sooo cool! You can earn "weapons" to use against the other player like fire (start their guitar on fire and they have to blow into the microphone to put it out and continue playing, break a string (they have to reattach), throw something to be autographed (they have to autograph it before continuing to play), and all kinds of other VERY neat things. These are the things I'm hoping that Cami hasn't learned yet. All right... I'm going to test out my luck... CAAAAAMMMMIIIII!! (wish me luck!)

UPDATE: I just beat Cami!!! THREE TIMES!!!! See it was worth learning some of the "weapons"... I'm sure this is the only time I'll be able to beat her so I think I'll have to torture her about my wins the rest of the day! (Of course she did beat me at the regular competition where no weapons were allowed.) The game is a BLAST! Such GREAT songs too! (Heather... Jessie's Girl is on there... I know you're running to the store NOW!)


  1. video games...ahh

    now "...why can't I find a woman like that!"


  2. You DID find a woman like that! :)

    Hey... just so you know... I made Cami bring her game to the car wash today so that we could "duel" while we waited for the car! It was 2 out of 3 for me! Yippee!! (Of course she's playing on hard... but whatever!)


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