Monday, June 16, 2008

a ballet-rific weekend

WOW! I definitely have a little ballerina!!! :)

This weekend she performed Saturday and Sunday in "Sea to Shining Sea," a dance recital for her dance school. Saturday's performance was in the costume shown above. Her teacher choreographed an adorable number that was so entertaining. It was one of the crowd favorites for the night! Cameron was AMAZING! ...OK .... I knew she was good, (I'm her mom after all!) but seeing her on a big stage, and the confidence, ACTING and dance... WOW! Just thinking about it now makes tears come to my eyes. She had the time of her life AND you could see it! Just look at the photo above... this was taken BEFORE the show... she's not nervous... she's calm and just anticipating the show. Oh... how I wish that my parent's lived closer. I know they would have loved watching her perform.

The photo below was taken after Sunday's performance. Leila was able to come home to celebrate Father's Day and attend this night. (I sure have gorgeous girls! ...proud mama talkin' again...) It was ANOTHER outstanding performance by Cameron... in fact, I heard people behind us in the theater comment on her grace and elegance during her dance. She really stood out! I'm so proud! I guess I'm going to have to buy both DVDs of the performances! (Of course they wouldn't put all the performances together... You must buy separate DVDs for each night! $40 each, adds up! They also prohibited any recording in the theater... so you're pretty much stuck! Oh well... I know she'll love being able to have all her relatives watch it!)
It was definitely a ballet-rific weekend! I don't know if my husband's first choice for Father's Day weekend would be to spend over 5 hours watching ballet for the weekend.... but he was definitely the proud papa! Happy Father's Day honey... our kids are lucky to have such a wonderful, funny, generous, video game playing, silly, scary movie watching (and torturing), BBQ-ing master, hard working, thoughtful, supportive dad.... I love you!


  1. I agree... you do have beautiful girls (proud aunt talking). Ü These are adorable pics of Cami and Cami & Leila. I can't wait to watch the DVD.

    Luv ya

  2. Ok, other proud aunt talking here, ditto on the beautiful girls! They take after their mama :-)! I can't wait for you to share that DVD! Cami looked so beautiful! Beck thinks she is a pro already! So happy to hear that Leila was able to come see it! Happy early bday to her, btw!

  3. Thanks aunties!

    We'll make a big event of the "premiere".... popcorn, candy, mmmmm.... :)

    I was so happy that Leila was able to make one of the performances! It really meant a lot to Cami, and Leila really enjoyed it. She has since been complaining about her lack of ballet training. (She did take tap in elementary school.) She's actually talking about taking a dance class for fun next quarter! :)

    Thanks for the early BDay wishes for her too... We can't wait to celebrate this milestone birthday with her! :)


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