Sunday, June 1, 2008

e n j o y

I had a WONDERFUL weekend with all my visitors! (Mom, Heather, Kavyn and friend-Kirstie, and Kylee - Mom and Kylee were surprises!!!) We were on the go until they left this morning! (I had to take a little nap this afternoon to recover.) We all went to the beach on Friday afternoon and then came home to enjoy the spa and pool... It was extremely relaxing.

Heather, Kavyn, and Kirstie went to see Wicked Saturday afternoon and LOVED it! While they were doing the theater thing, Mom and Kylee hung out with Cami and I, we had a nice relaxing afternoon with a little bit of shopping thrown in...

Heather and I had our "concert" performance last night with Sing Star!!! (This is a tradition for us... We LOVE our Sing Star!!!) We did get "Sing Star" and "Superstar" status on quite a few songs!!! (We may have also shattered a few glasses but we won't dwell on that...) :) We had a blast... It just went by too quickly! It was so nice to enjoy each other's company. I smile just thinking of it!

I can't wait to go through my camera tomorrow to look at the photos from the weekend! I'm also hoping I got some great shots of all the fun and the beautiful day at the beach. I'm also anxious to check out the shots because I'm trying to learn my new camera! (Thanks again, Celina, for all the tools and help!)


  1. It went by WAY to fast. We had such a great time. Thanks again for everything.

    Luv ya

  2. I wish we could do it all again! :)


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