Sunday, January 13, 2008

Afternoon bliss...

I love the temperature today... It's 75, sunny and perfect. One of those days you really appreciate in the middle of winter! I was able to sit outside for awhile this afternoon and work on my latest chocolate truffle pin cushion. (I'll be listing it tomorrow.) It's the perfect weather for daydreaming and naptaking... :)

I am so happy that my husband has finally recovered from the two surgeries he had last October and is back to work in the office (he had been working out of the house). It's funny how I was unable to be as productive although he never was demanding... I think I was distracted. It's so nice to have the stress of that time past.

My youngest daughter, Cami, is having her birthday party this coming Saturday. She'll turn 11 on the 20th. (Where has the time gone?) I'll be busy during the week, preparing and making sure all is set! This year she has invited 9 girls and we have planned some fun craft projects as well as video game playing... The girls will play Rock Band! I love that game! :) I'm going to have to control myself from saying, "my turn!"

My goal for this week is to make at least a couple of brand new items. And of course... most importantly... make the best birthday and birthday party ever for Cami!

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