Saturday, January 12, 2008

The best day...

I had the best day Thursday... why?, you ask... well... I spent the day creating!!!! :)

I made another chocolate for my collection and also created a series of magnet sets. The magnet sets were a project I started on when I was getting ready to throw out last year's calendar... I had the realization that there were some terrific images that could have a second life! I really get enjoyment out of finding some way to recycle things, even if it's just a small item in one of my projects. The problem with this might be all the stuff I have sitting in my studio all waiting for this chance! I'm going to have to work faster so they all have a chance at their next life! :)

I'm looking forward to making and adding more chocolates to my shop next week... I have a dark and white chocolate in the works. Here's to more "best days" next week...

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