Saturday, January 26, 2008

it's nice to relax

I have a hard time sleeping in... but today, I wasn't in a rush to get dressed and "get going". I wandered around in my robe, worked on a new set of chocolate tags, took pictures of them, posted them... what a nice way to start a Saturday morning! After having breakfast with Cami it was time to get dressed, but weekend dressed, you know, comfy pants and shirt, the kind you don't really plan on leaving the house in.
This afternoon has been just as relaxing... I cut out some more felt pieces to create another part of the "chocolate collection". I'm going to work on them while I catch up on some dvr recordings. I also pulled out my knitting bag... I am almost done with a BIG project for an upcoming holiday (pix & details after "the" holiday so I don't ruin the surprise for anyone) so I think I'll work on that a little as well.

It's getting cloudy again outside (ANOTHER big storm is supposed to hit tonight), it was sure nice to see the sun for a little while this morning. I must admit though that the cloudiness and oncoming storm feeling is definitely contributing to that "let's just stay in" attitude.

It's just soooo nice to relax....

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