Wednesday, January 30, 2008

magnets and volleyball

I was able to post the new set of chocolate magnets I completed yesterday! I used the magnetic board I bought from PaperRockScissorsInk to "stage" the magnets and it turned out great... The little magnets are super cute and would also be great doubling as a little needle pincushion in an embroidery floss case. They are just the cutest things to hold stuff up on the fridge or anywhere else you like to stick stuff (well....maybe not anywhere...).

I have a little book clip I hope to finish and post tomorrow... and I need to work on an order for 3 chocolate truffle pincushions. I'm going to spend a little time with scissors right now so I'll have the pieces ready to start embroidering.

Tonight is volleyball league... Yeah! I'm looking forward to a good competitive game. This will be our second week playing together this season. (This league changes teams 3 times a year.) It's a great mix of players, I think we'll have a great time. (Last season the team I was on won!) :)

I also have a two day tournament coming up, it's going to be so fun to play in a tournament again... the last one seemed so long ago (those holidays seem to play havoc with my volleyball schedule!).

It's a good day... anytime I get to create AND end the day with volleyball.... :)

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