Thursday, March 20, 2008

almost vacation

The girls and I are leaving for Utah on Saturday. Norm had to cancel coming with us... too much work. We'll miss him, but I think he'll be lots more comfortable working here if he has to work. I had to get some Easter stuff ready to go today. I wanted to have the little Easter gifts ready before Cami came home from school. No school tomorrow, so I really had to get ready! :)

I want to see if there are any projects I can put together to take with me to work on. It's going to feel odd to have my shop "on vacation" for a week! I have really enjoyed concentrating on creating and listing items since the beginning of this year. Prior to that I would only get the chance now and then to list an item. I am really excited to be creatively productive this year! I have a list of projects I plan on making and it feels great when I mark one off... (of course it's a continually growing list as I keep coming up with new ideas I HAVE to make!) So... it's time to look at that list and see if one is "portable."

Leila has her last final tomorrow morning. She'll probably rest awhile before driving here... She sounded exhausted when I spoke with her today. She's been studying like crazy. It will be so nice that she'll have a week to relax before the new quarter begins. She needs it!

I better start making sure we're all set to go... Saturday is almost here!

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