Friday, March 21, 2008


I am just about packed... Cami is packing her stuff now. Leila still isn't home, but she wasn't on planning on driving home until around 8:00. I'm planning on being in bed around 9:30 or so to make sure I get enough sleep. I'll wake up around 3:15 am and hopefully we'll be on the road around 4. I always enjoy the drive. We should be there around 10:00 am our time if everything goes well. I love that, because we still have the whole day ahead of us!

I did put together a couple of items to work on. I will finish an order I have for three white chocolate heart truffles and I have a couple of other chocolate pieces cut out that I'll put together as well. It's a perfect project to take I was able to fit all the pieces into a small tupperware!

Time to finish packing... :)

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