Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I made tuna casserole for dinner tonight... mmmmmm... comfort food at it's finest! I know it was good because Cami went back for seconds AND thirds. (She rarely ever takes seconds!) Now we also have some delicious left overs for another time this week.

Cami had ballet today. She's very excited because her teacher told her that she's one of the most improved and that she is going to be able to skip ahead a level when classes begin again in the fall. Over the next couple of days Cami and I will go over the summer dance school schedule. She wants to take lots of dance classes as her summer activities. I'm so glad that she loves ballet. I love watching her practice and it makes me happy to see the joy it brings her.

Norm picked up some new furniture for us yesterday! It was such a NICE surprise! He chose a great buffet for our kitchen as well as a bench/shoe holder for our front hall. It will be nice to have a more formal place to put our shoes when we come in the house. Yeah! It looks so inviting and feels good to walk in and see how organized everything looks.

I have selected some more paper combinations for some new blossom cards. I'm hoping to work on cutting a few out while we watch American Idol tonight.

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