Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Walter's upset

Volleyball night! I just got home and boy, did I have fun!! Our team won all three games and it was just a terrific night! I love it when it feels like the whole team is working together... it was great!

I'm counting down to when Cami comes home... I think Walter (our cat) is too... He's doing an awful LOT of whining and crying and sitting by the door. (Walter acts a lot like a dog... If you whistle for him, he comes running!) Tomorrow will be her last full day gone, I pick her up at 12:30 on Friday. This means that I need to be REALLY productive tomorrow. I want to work on projects all day but I know I NEED to do some shopping (I really don't like shopping much) to get some new clothes for our Florida trip PLUS Costco... If you left it up to me I'd put off the shopping stuff, however, I've been putting it off all week. I guess I'm going to have to "bite the bullet" and take care of the shopping business tomorrow... (aw shucks!)

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