Saturday, March 29, 2008

we're home

We had such a lovely vacation! I can't wait to go through the pictures... the girls, mom (grandma), and I went hiking a couple of days and I'm sure we got some great photos. We also played with the twins on Thursday and I'm sure that we have some fun shots of them. I'll have to go through them and update my flickr, etc.

This morning we went to breakfast as a family before Leila needed to head back to school. While we were there my friend, Julie, called and left me a voicemail that she had tickets to see "Dancing with the Stars" on Monday night AND did I want to go?! I guess she had left a couple of messages Friday as well and I just hadn't checked my phone (I was sleeping almost all Friday afternoon-recovering from the drive!)... We finished breakfast and I went out to call her to tell her, "for sure, I want to go!" I started chit-chatting and then Leila had to tell me to get off the phone since it was rude I wasn't talking to them... What was I thinking?! :) I just got excited with all the volleyball gossip catch up, etc. Good thing I have my girls to keep me in line!

Cami just went off with one of her friends to the mall for the afternoon... so I'm going to go and sit out in the backyard with Norm for awhile... It's so nice out right now and the jasmine is blooming so it smells wonderful!


  1. Welcome back, Holly! Sounds like you all had a wonderful time. I feel bad that I never got around to calling Norm to check on him. Before I knew, it was already Friday! I hope he survived ok and I'm sure he missed you all tremendously. Glad to hear you've shopped for your Miami trip!! -gigi

  2. Going to see "Dancing With The Stars"!!! That will be so fun.

    It was so fun to be able to spend time with you and the girls. It is always a special treat when Leila gets to come. Can't wait to see you again in a couple of weeks.


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