Friday, March 7, 2008

h o m e

She's hhhooommmeee!!! Cami had an absolutely wonderful time at camp! (how could she not?) The ranch her school class stayed at is the same ranch where they shoot "The Biggest Loser," she was excited that she was able to see them. (Although that's kinda funny since she has never seen the show...) It was a terrific experience for her and I'm so glad she had such fun!

My last listed Cherry Blossom Card sold today! It's time to make more! Tomorrow I'll select the next batch of papers. Tonight I had to use up all the scraps from the first ones I made! The papers are just too beautiful to not try and use every last, little bit... sooo, I made tags! I was able to get a set of 40 in various sizes. Tomorrow I'll take pictures and list them. I haven't embellished the tags, they are little blank canvases, awaiting their new owner's creativity! I was also able to punch out little flowers, hearts, and other shapes out of the odd pieces that will go along with the tags. Little bits and pieces to enhance the tags or whatever else! I'm so glad I took the time to do this. I avoided more stray pieces in my already full "scrap" bin and now I'll be able to look at my new paper combinations without distraction! That's always good!

I can't wait to make more cards tomorrow. I miss having one open to look at on my desk... I also need to work on a custom order I have for chocolate truffle pin cushions. Tomorrow I'll have to cut the felt pieces I need, then they'll be ready for me to sew in between volleyball games on Sunday. :)

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