Tuesday, March 4, 2008

history and inspiration

This is the picture I took of our cat, Walter, today. I made the photo into a darling card for Cami. I know she'll be so happy to see her cat when she gets it at camp! Of course, I wrote the card as if it was coming from Walter... I know she'll get a kick out of that! :)

I spent time today reading my grandpa's history. My mom spent hour upon hour transcribing his history from tapes. My sister, Bethany, then arranged the document into chapters, etc. It was so nice to read. I could hear his voice and imagine his movements. I miss him so much. It was amazing to read of all the things he's done and to read the details that you don't really catch when you're young. I loved reading about the pivotal moments in his life like when he realized his love for art and his need to be an artist, his love for plants and landscaping, and his drive to make things work when others thought it was "impossible." A great man and an inspiration...

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