Sunday, March 9, 2008

looking forward

I'm almost done with two new Blossom Cards! Yeah! I hope to finish assembling them tomorrow (glue will be dry by then), then photos... and listing! New color combinations are working great. I can't wait to fold them to see the final effect! I'm having such fun with these!

It's hard to believe the weekend is over. It seems like it went especially quickly... I know this week is going to fly by also. Cami has short days at school on Wednesday, Thursday, AND Friday this week. I like to plan for her to have friends over sometimes on short days, it makes a fun change of pace and she loves it. We've been having some lovely weather... it would be so nice if it's still warm later in the week, we could fire up the heater for the pool, and they could swim... (aaahhhh... summer will be here soon....) :)

I'm going to have to be as productive as I can be the next couple of days!

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