Wednesday, March 19, 2008

a r t i s t

I feel like a bonafide artist! My Flower & Bee painting sold today!!! This is extra special as this is the first painting I have listed on etsy. Tomorrow I will send it to it's new home in Maryland. I'm sure that the little flower and bee will be very happy there, after all, they bring spring wherever they are! :)

I am feeling so many different things right now... the emotions are just coursing through me. I am so excited to mail off the painting, yet sad at the thought of seeing it go, happy that someone appreciated my creation, hopeful that more people will want my work, anxious to start on a new canvas, yet nervous to begin...

A little piece of my heart was in this first painting... and I couldn't be more thrilled that someone thought it was good enough to buy... THANK YOU!

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