Thursday, March 13, 2008

cactus and fever

I love cactus blooms... Today I made a set of photo cards from some pictures I've taken of lovely cacti flowers. They are so pretty! I am VERY happy with how they turned out. I think they are wonderful note cards that could be used for any occasion!

I also listed the last set of Cherry Blossom Scrap Tags. I was going to keep them to use myself with my packaging, but I already have LOTS of tags prepared for my packaging AND I'm trying not to hoard... so... I listed them. (It's not like I'm not going to have more nice cardstock scraps from the current Blossom Cards I'm creating!) :)

I'm a little worried about Cami. She had a play date after school with a friend and had lots of fun. Then a couple hours later while we were going over the dance class schedule for summer I realized she was looking a little flush. I felt her forehead, and lo and behold, HOT! She's running a fever! She said she felt fine and then went to watch some TV (something she doesn't do often in the afternoon...) AND she fell asleep (another very rare thing!) for a good hour or so.

Sometimes when she's having a growth spurt she'll get a fever for a few hours with no other symptoms, I'm hoping this is the case. She has a pancake breakfast event going on at school tomorrow morning that she doesn't want to miss and Saturday she is planning on attending a Knott's Berry Farm (!) birthday party! She definitely doesn't want to miss out on any of these events. I'll keep my fingers crossed that she wakes up in the morning feeling perfectly fine with NO fever... poor little thing...

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