Saturday, March 8, 2008

this or that paper?

Cami and I had such fun together selecting the new papers for the next few Blossom Cards. She really got into it! She asked detailed questions about how and why I choose certain types of cardstock and what goes where, etc. She organized little stacks for each set and enjoyed being the final "yay or nay" vote. It was a lovely way to spend some time together while Norm was off to the UCLA basketball game. (Great game! UCLA won in the final seconds, so he was VERY excited!)

I did list a set of 20 tags made from the beautiful scraps of the last few Blossom Cards. I haven't decided if I'll list the last 20... I really like them and may decide to use them in tagging items purchased from my shop. We'll see.... :)

Volleyball tomorrow morning... Yeah! I didn't play Thursday night and I feel like I really NEED it! My Monday league is starting up again this week, so that will be good. That league is very competitive AND a lot of fun, PLUS I play with my friend, Julie, and that's always a blast! GET SOME!!! :)

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